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Hair Food



Everybody wants to have healthy hair. Other than drinking a lot of water and keeping your ends trimmed every few weeks, there are some natural ingredients that can have the same effect, and the best part is, you can find them in your kitchen! What’s even better is that these natural hair products can be used for all hair textures, so whether you have fine and straight hair or course and kinky hair, these three ingredients can work for you.



  1. Avocado

What most people know is that avocados are very high in nutrients and contain high proteins, Vitamin E and A and Fiber. This fruit is heavily used on skin and body nourishment, but it also has a high impact on hair. The fruit itself is used as a root stimulator and can improve hair texture. You can make your own hair mask or conditioner at home using avocado. Just add in some natural oils and apply it to damp-washed hair, cover your hair with a clear cap for a few minutes and thoroughly wash out. When doing this, you will see the difference in texture, luster and length.



  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

So, I’m sure all the hardcore detox and health heads are well aware of the benefits of Apple cider vinegar when it comes to cleansing your body. But, I bet you have no idea the benefits it has on hair. Apple Cider Vinegar is a quick way for you to remove product build up in your hair and keeping your strands smooth. This product is used heavily with hair oils such as Lavender, Sage and Rosemary. It is a rinse, that is normally used before shampooing your hair.



  1. Coconut Oil

In a lot of ways, I’m hoping this ingredient is not new to you. Coconut oil has been used on hair for decades, and it is used for several different things regarding your hair. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer, styling pomade, detangle, scalp treatment and frizz fighter. This ingredient can be used on your scalp every day, and if paired with the right ingredients, you will see the difference in your length and texture.






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