Top Texturizing Brands.

Top Texturizing Brands

The natural world is officially at an all-time high! But, some of us girls cannot take the coily and kinky texture of our hair. Not because it doesn’t look good, but because it’s actually painful! No matter how much conditioner we use, it still hurts like hell when combing, braiding and detangling. So, some of us use texturizers, and to be honest it’s not bad. But, just like any product, some may work and some don’t. If you are one of those girls, who have fallen short when it comes to choosing the best texturizer, this blog is for you.
I am going to give you a list of the best texturizers to use for your hair. Note, these products will keep texture to your hair, without making your hair too straight.
1. Just For Me Kid Texturizer (YES, it works)
2. Soft and Beautiful Botanicals
3. Motions Texturizer
These three texturizers are sure to keep your curls soft. Just remember to softly finger comb your hair; if you use a regular comb your hair will be straight and there is no coming back after that. So if you need to have a less painful hair journey, try the texturizer method.

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