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How to Keep Your Extensions Longer.

How to Keep Your Extensions Longer

The Virgin hair world is growing. There is no doubt that we all want the long and luxurious thirty inches of hair, but reality is, some of us buy the wrong hair. While we sitting here thinking it’s going to last for a long period of time, it starts tangling and we are quick to throw it in the garbage. But in all actuality, some of this hair is not REAL virgin hair! So, how can you save up your coins?
Well, there are three things I do to help me prolong my hairstyles, even if I’m not sure if the hair is going to last me a long time. This is what they are.
1. DON’T CUT YOUR WEFTS- I’m sure some of you are saying, duh! But, some of you ladies are very guilty of this. When you are getting a sew-in, and even a weave, the best thing you can do is fold your wefts while sewing. This minimalizes shedding and can help you keep your hair for a long period of time.
2. NO OIL- Virgin hair is nothing like our hair. It actually cannot take any form of oil. So if you have a sew-in, be careful on how you oil your head. Oil makes the hair heavy, and the style will be ruined.
3. WIGS ARE NOT BAD- As a person who does their own hair, I can be the first to tell you, my patience level is pretty low when it comes to sewing in some hair. The best thing for me, is sewing my virgin hair on a dome cap and making myself a U-part wig or a full wig with a lace frontal or closure. The benefits? You can wear the hair whenever you want, and you can take better care of your hair underneath.
4. TRY NOT TO GET COLOR HAPPY- Yes, we all want to change our hair color as much as we change our clothes, but too much bleach and dye can ruin your hair. The more you dye, the higher your chances are in throwing it in the garbage.
Trust me, these steps can help you save all types of hair you buy. Doesn’t need to be virgin.

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